Russkaya Ryumochnaya (Russian vodka House) #1

4, Konnogvardeyskiy blvd
Cuisines: Russian
av. bill: 1800 rur
Opened to 00:00


Local charm: It is not only a restaurant, but also the Museum of Russian vodka having more than 100 sorts of this drink on its shelves, up to samples of the early 20th century. Here, you can taste Russian pies and dumplings, pickle soup (rassolnik) with giblets, whole roasted pike perch from the Ladoga lake, five kinds of caviar, together with Soviet standard ice cream as a dessert. Tea is served in traditional glass-holders while vodka is poured in Soviet style sherry-glasses.

Try first: You can order baked marrow on roast Borodinsky rye bread (590 rubles), then turn to salad with roast quail fillets (560), then kick into gear with baked pork leg(1360) and Siberian kulebyaka pie with muksun (1130). If you are still ready, finish with Leningrad style rum cake (530).

Landmarks nearby: St Isaac's Cathedral (523m).

  • Soups
    • SoupsSoups — 460 rub.
    • SoupsSoups — 430 rub.
  • Hot dishes
    • Hot dishesHot dishes — 590 rub.
    • Hot dishesHot dishes — 2190 rub.
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