47, Nevskiy pr.
Cuisines: Russian, Mixed
av. bill: 4200 rur
Opened to 23:00


Local charm: The Palkin family was very famous in pre-revolutionary St.Petersburg as four generations of this family were the owners of restaurants at Nevsky prospect for more than 100 years. One of the restaurants was located at the same place as now since 1874. Here, there were 25 halls, a stairway with a fountain, a sterlet pool, among visitors, the writers Anton Chekhov, Nikolay Leskov, the composer Petr Tchaikovsky can be mentioned. Now, here is a premium class restaurant as well, with floors made of noble wood, wall paintings, interior sculpture and spatkling glass lamps. The menu consists of Russian specialities, old ones as well, such as cabbage stew, wild pig dumplings, hare meat cutlets seasoned with truffles and foie gras.

Try first: The menu can be used to reconstruct the dinner of Steve Oblonsky, the character from Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina. Take an oyster from the Bay of Peter The Great baked under blue cheese with roasted bread and garlic (1200 rubles) — it is giant, so you don't need a dozen. Continue with porcini cream soup on champagne, black truffle and schnitt onion stew (1360), assorted pies with meat, fish and vegetables (600), or a 'goose in a boot', a pie from soft dough with goose meat and cranberry (1370). Asparagus with Dutch sauce(1280) or genuine beef Stroganoff style with pickles and mashed potatoes (1690) would also be fine, and so would crepe suzette (2920) as a dessert — pancakes fried in orange liqueur and served with ice cream.

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