El Copitas

пр. Владимирский, 18
Кухни: мексиканская
Средний счет: 900 руб.
Закрыто до 19:00
Чт-сб: 19:00-п/п (02:00/04:00). Вс-ср: выходной.


Speak easy: This cocktail bar is both secret and known worldwide, as it holds the 39th position in the World’s 50 Best Bars rating. Here, you can reach artisan tequila and Mezcal cocktails, the best tacos in the city, Frida Kahlo’s portrait on the wall, skull-shaped candles and other beauties of our underground Mexico, though you always need to book them beforehands. Cash payment only.

Try first: Forget the classical names and recipes and try the artisan ‘cocktails of the week’ (400+ rubles). Ask authentic and spicy sauces for tacos as they are imported directly from Mexico.

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