Невский пр., 22-24
Кухни: русская, смешанная
Средний счет: 1500 руб.
Открыто до 23:00
12:00-п/п (01:00). Кухня работает до 00.45.


Local charm: The patriotic restaurant can be easily seen from the street at it has a big terrace working from May to October. You can hear the famous Katyusha, a patriotic Soviet song of World War II, in the playlist, the food is served by waitresses in Soviet style dresses with flower ornaments who also sing and dance in the evening Dinner Show, and even the weavers from Ivanovo, Russian textile capital, can envy the variety of prints in local interiors. In the menu, you can see all the classics of the Soviet ‘Book of Tasty and Healthy Food’, such as salted products and caviar, borshts and pancakes, pies and dumplings. If your name is Katya (Kate, Catherine, Ekaterina etc.), you can get your discount.

Try first: You can start with salted red pine mushrooms in sour cream (420 rubles), described in best writings by a Soviet village writer Vladimir Soloukhin, continue with crayfish neck salad (530) and potato pancakes (370). Don’t get slower with dumplings with pike from the Ladoga lake, boiled butted and red caviar (490) or roasted moose meat with pumpkin stew (790). For dessert, enjoy yourself with bird cherry pie Siberian recipe (390).

Landmarks nearby: Kazan Cathedral (125m).

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