Banshchiki (Bath Attendants)

1A, Degtyarnaya st.
Cuisines: Russian
av. bill: 1450 rur
Opened to 01:00


Local charm: Banya (the traditional Russian sauna) is one of the important elements of the Russian hugge. Take a bath in Degtyarnye Bani and then visit Banshchiki, the authentic Russian craft restaurant. Here, you can see the moderate interiors without any Russian kitsch ornaments, a variety of homemade craft drinks and strong alcohol together with the local gastronomy with smoked starters, delicatessen, salted and seasoned delicacies. Russian national recipes are interpreted by the chef Stanislav Levokho, such as squid Stroganoff style with mashed chickpeas, suluguni cheese in rye dumpligs and potato gratin with beef tongue.

Try first: Everything is really worth tasting, so you can choose from beef tails in jelly (380 rubles) and Russian salad with smoked salmon and red caviar (440), grilled white salmon with mashed celery and lamb rib-eye with mashed nuts (980). The best dessert are the famous nut-shaped cookies with caramelized milk (220) which is Banschiki’s hit.

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