Caviar Russia

1/47, Vladimirsky Av.
Cuisines: Russian, Fish, Mixed
av. bill: 1350 rur
Opened to 00:00

Local charm: A small restobar for those who want to get a quick acquaintance with black caviar. Sets of 3-5 kinds of caviar are offered at the bar counter together with historical Russian dishes with this delicacy which are surely the most interesting thing, accompanied by 33 brands of champagne and 23 sorts of vodka.

Try first: Easily for a reason — a Soviet sandwich with black caviar (1800 rubles) or egg porridge with it (800) from 1955 culinary book. As a dessert, order baked apples with black caviar — it’s not so strange as can be, it is said that it was a soft place of Mongolian Batu Khan.

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