Mari Vanna

3, Myitninskaya emb.
Cuisines: Russian
av. bill: 2250 rur
Opened to 23:00


Local charm: A restaurant where no one heard about the minimalism and getting out of stuff, but that is the thing it is loved for. You can see the panorama of the Neva and Peter and Paul Fortress from the windows of a cozy apartment with a lot of nice things such as vintage typewriters and traditional Russian Pavlovsky Posad shawls. Here, people visit home guitar concerts and mini excursions from a local moonshiner named Vitaly, take photos near retro buffets and see the shelves with homemade salted products at the entrance. In the menu, there are pies and jellies, Russian and Mimosa salads, cutlets and kulebyaka pies. The dearest guests hold the key which suits the doors of the restaurant departments in New York, London and Baku.

Try first: Don’t pass the aubergine paste (260 rubles), taste the starter from Olyutor herring with baked potatoes and Yalta onion (390). Beef borscht would be the best for the first dish, the nursing pig with buckwheat - for the second one (1590).

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