Russkaya Rybalka (Russian Fishing)

11, Yuzhnaya road
Cuisines: Russian, Fish, Mixed
av. bill: 1650 rur
Opened to 01:00


Local charm: A wooden chamber with its own small zoo. You can take the fishing equipment at the restaurant and catch your dinner in the waters of the Southern pond of the Krestovsky Island. You can catch trout, sturgeon, sterlet, eel or beluga which can be cooked as you wish (fried, baked or smoked). If you are not a keen fisherman, you won’t stay hungry as well with a generous menu of classic Russian and European dishes from kulebyaka pies to jamon.

Try first: Crayfish smoked on alder cuttings (380 rubles for a big portion) and snails in garlic sauce (730) are a must. From hot dishes, take sterlet boiled in white wine (940) or duck fillet in kvass with pearl barley and gizzards (760).

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