10, B.Konyushennaya st.
Cuisines: author, Mixed
av. bill: 1650 rur


Local charm: Just imagine the fact that Russian Caviar House has been working since 1978, producing 35 tons of black caviar annually, sending it to the Kremlin, to ISS astronauts and to eight countries of the world, though it didn’t have its own restaurant till recent times. But now they have one, as Art-Caviar craft restaurant and caviar boutique opened its doors in 2019, located near DLT department store. The team’s global mission is to show that the place with black caviar is not only the tourist attraction of Russian luxury with five souvenir cans at the exit. The second thing is to show that black caviar is not so expensive and can be combined with tartar sauce, linguini or a sturgeon steak. Only one-fifth of the menu contains caviar, you can also caste Northern delicacies such as beef rump tataki, pulled crab with apples, baked topinambur soup, together with the variety of champagne and sparkling wines.

Try first: Take a set menu with a wheat nest with pike caviar, Siberian frozen sturgeon with salted cranberry mousse, tataki from beef bladebone and pine cone jam - a set of 10 dishes for 3500 rubles.

Landmarks nearby: Kazan Cathedral (306m).

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