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19, Italyanskaya st.
Cuisines: Chinese
av. bill: 800 rur
Opened to 02:00


Speak easy: An ultra stylish Chinese resto bar is hidden behind the flower shop at the Passage shopping mall. There is no special sign at the corner, search for it between departments numbered 52 и 54. If you don’t mind the familiar service, the slow kitchen and rap as soundtrack — go and taste the noodles and colorful dim sams.

Try first: We recommend a mix of dim sams (590 rubles), steamed bao buns with flavors (from 260 rubles) and moti with mascarpone and berries (240 rubles).

20, Nevskiy pr.
Cuisines: Indian
av. bill: 1400 rur
Opened to 00:30

Speak easy: An Indian cafe and bar behind the toilet door of another restaurant is already intriguing. The personnel dressed in white lab coats, cocktails served in flasks and glass-tubes and non-adapted food in the kitchen, ‘just what the doctor ordered’ are the things which are attractive for everyone at Apteka. Call to make an appointment and you’ll know how to find the necessary ‘cabin’.

Try first: You can always trust the tandoori shrimps (730 rubles) and all the variety of curries (from 290 rubles). Masala tea is also excellent here, but you would always win from ordering the genuine cocktails which are bright, spicy and artistically served.

Landmarks nearby: Kazan Cathedral (379m).

18, Pirogova lane
Cuisines: Mixed
av. bill: 1000 rur
Opened to 01:00

Speak easy: Neither the sky nor the wine are hidden from you, but this bar os not very famous even among the local dwellers. It is located at the dead end of Pirogova lane, on the roof of an old building. It offers affordable wines, comfy food like bruschettas and pizzas together with the picturesque view of the dome of St.Isaac’s Cathedral.

Try first: If the weather is good, take a glass of Riesling to the terrace, if it is cold, drink Malbec inside at the table next to the window (wines from 250 rubles). In the morning, come and taste the English breakfast (280 rubles) accompanied by sparkling wine.

Landmarks nearby: Mariinsky Theatre (546m).

8, M.Sadovaya st.
Cuisines: snacks, snacks to wine
av. bill: 300 rur
Opened to 03:00

Speak easy: ‘The secret cocktail society’ is a nice imitation of a bootlegger’s life. A parade dress code, playing cards instead of a menu, a poker table, candles and jazz are the scenery for the work of Sam Konyakin, one of the most talented St. Petersburg bar tenders.

Try first: Woland cocktail made of gin, rye, vermouth, several bitters and notes of absinthe. It has strong and long taste, as it is mystic enough.

13, Rubinsteina st.
Cuisines: Mixed, snacks to wine
av. bill: 350 rur
Opened to 03:00


Speak easy: You can reach the geometrically shaped cocktail bar after calling a concierge. You pass through the office door on the left from the Zazerkalye theatre, the turngate and the strict guard, but then you reach the stylish cocktails, starters served on rulers and hand-glasses together with the atmosphere of a private party.

Try first: Drinks such as Catherine Sour (490 rubles) together with oysters with flowers (350 rubles), pastrami with tobiko caviar and ponzu (250 rubles).

18, Vladimirskiy pr.
Cuisines: Mexican
av. bill: 900 rur
Opened to 04:00


Speak easy: This cocktail bar is both secret and known worldwide, as it holds the 39th position in the World’s 50 Best Bars rating. Here, you can reach artisan tequila and Mezcal cocktails, the best tacos in the city, Frida Kahlo’s portrait on the wall, skull-shaped candles and other beauties of our underground Mexico, though you always need to book them beforehands. Cash payment only.

Try first: Forget the classical names and recipes and try the artisan ‘cocktails of the week’ (400+ rubles). Ask authentic and spicy sauces for tacos as they are imported directly from Mexico.

45, B.Morskaya st.
Cuisines: Mixed, Snacks
av. bill: 300 rur
Opened to 00:00

Speak easy: A hideaway bar two steps from Isaakievskaya square which is always full of tourists. Affordable wine, observant starters, a nice playlist and educated audience (the bar is combined with the graphic cabinet) are the main factors of love. A charming reception can become a special place where one can invite the dearest people.

Try first: It is just good to be and drink here. But a salmon sandwich (220 rubles), avocado on rye bread (180 rubles) and hummus (180 rubles) wouldn’t be bad for anyone.

Zhukovskogo st.
Opened to 03:00


Speak easy: The entrance to the secret room for porto lovers is hidden behind the mirror in the toilet of the neighboring Al Capone bar. The number of bottles is much more than the number of square meters of space, with different sorts of good cheese and olives served as appetizers, you can also talk of jazz and cigars at the bar counter.

Try first: Barrel-aged and rare pink portos and craft cocktails based on stiff wine.

64, Liteyniy pr.
Cuisines: beer snack, snacks
av. bill: 800 rur
Opened to 05:00


Speak easy: Gin Tonic is a pioneer of modern St.Petersburg speak-easy genre. The local gin headquarters opened their doors on 2013, locating in the yard at the corner of Nevsky and Liteyny. Here, there is a genuine collection of a hundred bottles. the bar’s owners are members of London Gin Guild, while the barmen do their best to serve you the best gin and tonic in your life.

Try first: Negroni Na Rayone (Negroni from the Block) — for him, purple Thai Negroni — for her. For everything else, you can trust the fantasy and the professional qualities of the barman.

2, Potemkinskaya st.
Cuisines: snacks
Opened to 23:30

Speak easy: A balcony cafe works at the Palm Orangery of the Tavrichesky Garden. Here, there is no much space, though you can see the neat palms or a lot of light (or the traditional St. Petersburg snow and rain) through a glass roof.

Try first: Raw sugar free cakes for those who try to lose weight (220 rubles), brownies with bacon (180 rubles) or honey tarts with mustard (150 rubles) for brave ones.