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18/11, Kamennoostrovskiy pr.
Cuisines: desserts, pastry
av. bill: 200 rur
Opened to 21:00

Speak easy: It is not always easy to find a small red house with good coffee, handmade desserts and a friendly cat called Saharok (‘sugar’ in Russian). You should go down Mira street from Avstriyskaya square, turn to the first archway from the left side and go inside the yard, following the smell of coffee. TCHK positions itself honestly as a micro coffee shop, so be ready that a couple of chairs near the counter and the only tale can be occupied.

Try first: Coffee professionals with their own coffee school work here, so we advice you not to choose the well-known espresso, talk to the barista about the coffee grain and the ways of roasting and serving and then choose what you wish. Don’t pass the ideal cherry pie with the soft and sweet flavor and half a tree of berries beyond the thin dough (150 rubles).

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